Wednesday, June 20, 2018


42 Individual BIS winners for 153 BIS's, 17 individual Specialty BIS winners for 28 Specialties of which 4 were Nationals.

We also owned & handled a 5th National BIS winner

*Ch Karakush Irresistable U 5

*Ch Karakush Whata Rascal 1

Ch Karakush Playing To Win 1

*Ch Karakush True Blue 4

Aust & Jap Ch Karakush Big City Blues 5

*Int, Germ, Pol, Czech& Aust Ch Karakush Crack N Tan 2

Ch Karakush Saint She Aint 1

Sing & Mal Ch Karakush Crack Of Dawn 2

Grand Ch Karakush Unforgettable U 6

*Grand Ch Karakush U De Man 11

*Ch Karakush Spice Of Life 1

*Ch Karakush Absolutely 3

Ch Karakush Adrenalin Rush 1

*Am, Can Ind Grand & Aust Grand Ch Karakush In Champagne 44

Grand Ch Karakush U Giv Me Reason 2

*Ch Karakush Undeniably U 1

*Ch Karakush Dot Com Dot A U 6

Croatian & Int Ch Karakush And U Know It 2

Swd Ch Karakush Ruff Diamond 1

*Aust & Gib Ch Karakush Defying Gravity 5

Port & Gibraltar Ch Karakush And Proud Of It 3

Ch Karakush Eyegasmic 4

*Ch Karakush U Calyptus 1

Aust, NZ Ch Karakush Green With Envy 2

Ch Karakush Lyle Lovett 1

*Ch Karakush Kattitude 2

Jap Ch Karakush Desert Hawk at JTH 1

Ch Karakush Dora The Explorer(Beagle) 1

Ch Karakush Takin The High Road 1

Ch Karakush The Road Less Traveled 5

Ch Karakush The Road Runner 2

Can Am Grand Aust Ch Karakush Gorgeous George 3

*Ch Karakush The Meow Factor 5

Ch Karakush The Future Is Meow 1

*Ch Karakush Puffen Up Princess (Crested) 1

Ch Karakush Yosemite Sam 2

*Ch Karakush Black Gold Texas Tea 4

Ch Karakush Mr Music 1

Ch Karakush Queue Music 1

*Ch Karakush Wax On Wax Off (Crested) 7

Ch Karakush Eat Drink Be Merry 1

Total "KARAKUSH Bred" Best in Shows 151 (Specialties 26)

* denotes Specialty BIS included


BEST IN SHOW Winners owned, but not bred by Karakush

 Saluki - Grand Ch Qirmizi Global Challenger (Imp Swd) 13
 Wire Fox Terrier - Ch Ash Grove Einstein (Imp Italy)  2
 *Afghan - Am & Aust Grand Ch Tahkira Hell Raiser  32
 *Beagle - Am Grand Can Aust Ch Langrigg Star Of The Stage  12
 Afghan - Ch Tahkira Hi Flying Hellion  1
 Beagle - Ch Langrigg Song Of Stars  1
 Beagle - Ch Langrigg Strawberry Cupcake  3
 *Chinese Crested - Ch Fyredragon Whiperln DeGabritho (Imp Austria)  2
 Beagle - Ch Langrigg Baby Cakes  2

Total BEST IN SHOWS, bred and/or owned by us 217